Inpatient Program

Residential alcohol and drug rehab is the best option for those with serious drug and alcohol abuse problems. Our Inpatient Program allows our clients to be removed from the pressures and temptations of life. We provide tailored, personalized, and effective treatment options. During your tailored treatment you will learn the tools you need to stay clean and sober for life.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our outpatient drug and alcohol treatment in Delray Beach, FL is beneficial for those who are unable to fully take time out of their lives for our residential drug and alcohol treatment. Patients in our intensive outpatient program meet three times a week to participate in education groups, group therapy, individual counseling, and other activities.

Halfway Program

Our Halfway Transition Program offers a quality sober living program designed to provide a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. We hope to inspire personal growth, education and provide the resources needed for continued recovery. The majority of people who use sober living as a tool after residential treatment find that long-term sobriety.

  • "Easy Horizons saved my life!"

    Michael M. - Haworth, NJ
  • "I wish I would have made the decision sooner."

    Daniel A. - Harrisberg, PA
  • "Easy Horizons is an extension of my family."

    Peter G. - New York, NY
  • "I finally got my family back."

    Paul N. - Augusta, GA
  • "I finally got to handle the core issues of my addiction."

    Sarah S. - Metuchin, NJ
  • "I have a better sense of self and a desire for life."

    Nicole K. - Charlotte, NC
  • "I made friendships and support that will last a lifetime."

    Brian G. - Buffalo, NY
  • "I finally feel like I can close this chapter in my life."

    Adam W. - Tallahassee, FL
  • "Thank you so much Easy Horizons! I love you guys!"

    Patricia T. - Newark, NJ
  • "Not only did I find myself but a network of support."

    Timothy G. - San Francisco, CA
  • "Easy Horizons provided a relaxing, welcoming environment."

    Joe F. - Tulsa, OK
  • "I can't thank you guys enough for my new lease of life!"

    Richard P. - Salt Lake City, UT
  • "The therapists at Easy Horizons dealt with the core issues."

    James A. - Brooklyn, NY
  • "Excited to return back to my family a new woman."

    Rachel L. - Phoenix, AZ
  • "Easy Horizons gave me the tools to live a productive life."

    Gerald S. - Portland, ME
  • "I never knew addiction was a disease."

    Samantha R. - Minneapolis, MN

Who We Are

We hope to inspire personal growth, education and provide the resources needed for continued recovery.

Our goal is to empower each person to work towards becoming their "Best Self" thereby learning new ways to cope with stress, anxiety and depression for a Healthy Everyday Lifestyle.

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